Chiropractic Testimonials


"Before I became a patient of Dr. Raschke's I suffered from inflammation in my spine. He determined that my diet and wheat allergy were the root cause. I struggled with pain daily for 58 YEARS until Dr. Raschke helped me incorporate a proper diet and daily stretching. To anyone considering treatment with Dr. Raschke I would say there is absolutely no down side to treatment."

- Rick


"In the Fall of 2018 I developed severe nerve pain in my right hip that went down my leg. I have also dealt with middle and left back pain.  After three weeks of dealing with the pain my son suggested I go and see Dr. Raschke.  I could tell after three weeks that this was making a big difference. He checked my feet and back, put orthotics in my shoes and therapy for my body. This has helped all of my aches and pains.

He made suggestions for diet and stretches that help alleviate tightness and advice on natural sleeping aids, which all helped.

I work 8 hours a day walking on hard floors and it was getting more difficult at 67 years old. I can now say it has been a tremendous help.  After my monthly visit my body feels so much better."

- June


"I'm so glad I finally decided to do the cleanse. I've had sinus problems for so many years and every fall it turned into a sinus infection. Spring was bad too. Nose was always running, my head and eyes hurt. I couldn't smell or taste food.

In my third week of the cleanse I could smell and taste again. I was so happy about that. My head and nose were not plugged up anymore. I felt a lot better.

My joints and I do not ache as much and feel much better than I use to. I can move my bad shoulder easier. I even lost 14lbs. I don't feel so bloated now.

I recommend the cleanse and treatments to anyone. Thank you Dr. Raschke. I feel a lot better."

- Judy


"I did not find overall success with traditional medicine, so I decided to try Raschke Chiropractic because of a recommendation of a friend. Because of his approach to addressing the whole body (not just my particular problems) I can now enjoy all the things I used to do. You have enriched my life by your care and I cannot thank you enough."

- Patricia


"I fell and aggravated two herniated discs. I had back pain and my left side was numb from the waist down. My doctor suggested surgery, immediately, but I knew that I would not go under the knife.  I had three adjustments per week, followed by lumbar decompression and interferential treatment. My back pain began to get better and the numbness was GONE after about one and a half months.

I was so grateful for the care, understanding and hope that Dr. Raschke and his office provided and ultimately delivered with NO SURGERY required! Thankful a million times over!"

- Pandra


"I came to see Dr. Raschke because of a constant pain in my lower back that would radiate down my legs when I sat for a while. After a few treatments and exercises at home the pain in my lower back is GONE!"

- Roger


"I had lower back problems for a long time and then after a fall it made everything worse. The pain in my back and legs was intense. After having MRI’s and cortisone injections, that did not help, I thought that surgery was my only option. I heard about the DRX-9000 and decided to try it. MY PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED because after a month of treatment my back was feeling wonderful. The DRX-9000 was truly a life saver for me and I am so thankful!"

- Pat


"When I went to see Dr. Raschke I was worried about my heart. I was worn out and I felt like I couldn’t get enough air in to my body. I would breathe in deep and it felt like something was blocking somewhere. Dr. Raschke asked me a lot of questions ad them gave me a treatment. I didn’t feel a drastic change until I lifted a bag of groceries that day and realized something was different. The bag felt so light and I didn’t have the pulled or blocked sensation. I said to my husband that I was tired but I felt like I had fresh air inside me.

I didn’t feel how bad it hurt until it didn’t hurt anymore to do certain actions. I am so thankful to have Dr. Raschke as my doctor."

- Judy


"The pain I had in my neck is now gone. It was a very strong pain and it wouldn’t go away. It was constant like someone was bearing their knuckles down in to my neck on the left side. It is such a relief to have this gone because it affected my thinking, sight and headaches. Thanks to Dr. Raschke I am feeling so much better!"

- Virginia


"I have been experiencing neck and shoulder pain and discomfort for several years. To add to that, I was in two accidents and suffered serious whiplash for several months. I seemed to have relief from chiropractic services but continued with recurring pain as I sit 40 hours per week for my job. I seemed to be something I just started to live with! My last sessions with Dr. Raschke changed everything!! He told me about a new treatment and it was amazing! My shoulders have more movement and my neck zero pain! Thank you Dr. Raschke!"

- Jill


"I have been 23 years suffering with neck pain, migraines and bouts of cervical vertigo. I have been to other Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Active Release Experts and Acupuncturists; all for minimum and short-lived relief. Since there was no sign of progress in decades, I resolved that this is how I would have to live. I met Dr. Raschke and after a few sessions together we were able to narrow down the contributors to my pain. He had techniques, equipment and therapies that others didn't seem to know about. My improvements have been amazing in the last few months and I am so thankful to have found Dr. Raschke! I drive and hour each way for each session and its so worth it!!!!"

- Tracy


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